The mattress is the center of the bedroom

The bedroom is of course a place where we hope to be in super comfortable conditions to rest. If the conditions are too crowded, full of goods, comfort becomes difficult to find

Small bedroom arrangement is often a challenge due to limited space. The key is to avoid placing furniture on all sides of the room and make sure the furniture you choose serves its purpose well.

For those of you who have a narrow bedroom, try applying the following tricks.

White or neutral
wall paint The first thing to note is the wall paint. Choose and use a wall paint with a light color such as white, creme, or pastel. These colors are the safest basic colors and are easy to combine with other colors and textures of furniture.

Light colors reflect light broadly and evenly, so the bedroom will feel wider and brighter. Instead, avoid black or other dark colors that absorb light. Dark colors will make the bedroom feel narrower. In addition, bright colors have a soft impression and are suitable for those of you who don’t dare to give a lot of colors or pictures on the walls of the house.

Choose a classic bed frame that saves space and is brightly colored
The mattress is the center of the bedroom, so we need to be smart in choosing the type of bed frame to the linen set used. Like the wall color earlier, choose neutral and bright colored products. Also place a mattress on one of the walls, this will provide more space and make your bedroom not look cramped.

A bed frame with a classic style from the TYSSEDAL series can be an attractive option for those of you who like small details such as rounded edges and striped interior patterns that create a classic and timeless impression.

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Use a multifunctional wardrobe
Instead of using a conventional wardrobe, you can use a multipurpose wardrobe with a headboard. Multifunctional cabinets generally have closed cabinets for wardrobes and headboards or shelves to store items that you don’t want to be seen or instead become a place to display bedroom accessories and decorations.

Use wall lights to create a comfortable atmosphere.
Lighting is very important to create a comfortable bedroom atmosphere. Take advantage of natural lighting during the day and lights attached to the roof or walls when the sun has set. Forget table lamps or floor lamps, if you want to add lighting to do bedtime activities in a small bedroom, you can consider wall lamps.

Simple Changes That Make Your Bedroom Extra Comfortable

The Covid-19 pandemic makes us have to carry out many activities from home. As much as possible, we want to maximize the comfortable atmosphere at home, especially in the bedroom.

The bedroom, which is usually only a place to rest, is now also starting to switch functions to other places. It could also be a work area due to limited space.

Making it pleasing to the eye will definitely have a huge impact on comfort. The selection of wall colors, furniture, and neat storage will make the bedroom much more comfortable.

With the right decoration, the bedroom can turn out to be aesthetic. Try applying the following steps.

Add a night light.
Lighting is very important to bring a comfortable room atmosphere. To be more aesthetic, use natural lighting during the day and at night using bedroom lights.

The selection of bed lights has its own role in determining the feel of the room. Friends of Dream can put a lamp on the bedside table to beautify your room and give it a cozy and warm effect.

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Small table at the side of the bed
Place a table next to the bed for clocks, candles, etc. To create an aesthetic room, you can use minimalist and multifunctional furniture. With a bedside table, it can be used as a place to store various everyday items to make it easier to reach.

When talking about an aesthetic room, it’s not complete without plants in it. Plants in the room can give a fresh effect and add to the beautiful atmosphere in the room. Friends of Dream can put live plants or plastic plants.

Versatile board
If you have often watched videos of make over the room becomes aesthetic, then you must be familiar with peg boards. This board can be used to stick important notes or hang various items, such as jewelry, decorative plants, stationery, and so on.

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