Round furniture as the main decor trends

Decor trend: round furniture is the bet for 2022

Research carried out by Pinterest points out search terms related to round furniture as the main decor trends for this year. Get inspired! With the COVID-19 pandemic , the whole world was forced to stay at home to contain the spread of the virus, due to social isolation measures. More time indoors also meant a way to personalize the home even more, and for this reason, many people began to invest more in renovations, furniture and even appliances, to make the house look even more like home. That said, it is interesting to note that, in 2021, after a year of the pandemic, fashion presented organic and curved shapes, precisely so that environments have a more pleasant appearance to spend more time in them, contrary to the straighter shapes, which were the trend in the world of architecture and decoration for some years now. Therefore, curvilinear and circular furniture, such as sofas and chairs, which are considered organic forms, gained prominence. And, according to the latest trend survey by Pinterest Predicts, the year 2022 promises to keep these shapes in fashion, especially for decorating environments (external and internal). Among the searches that are trending on Pinterest, which is one of the most popular social networks today, the search terms “round pool deck ideas”, “curved living room sofa”, “curved wall decor”, “design curved bar ideas” and “curved kitchen island ideas” are the ones that grew the most from October 2019 to September 2021 – the period in which the survey collected and analyzed data. And, if you haven’t noticed yet, Big Brother Brasil 2022 also bet on round decoration for the most watched house in Brazil. The whole place is filled with curved furniture, as well as walls designed with organic shapes – it’s impossible to see a room where there’s nothing round. The colors, of course, are strategically designed to cause more stress and discomfort for the participants, but even so, the fact that the program adheres to this type of decoration says a lot about the trends of the year.

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Inspirations for the return of round Furniture

In addition to the previously considered points about the pandemic, it is important to point out that this resumption of round furniture also has a very strong inspiration in the 1960s, which are even making a comeback in 2022, especially in decoration. Curved furniture was very common between the 1960s and 1970s, with fluid line formats and organicity in wooden furniture, especially – and this for all environments, including kitchens and bedrooms. In addition to furniture, items such as rugs, for example, also go into this account.
And, if we consider that in 2021 there was a return to decoration more connected to nature, with earthy tones and decoration with plants of the most varied types, it is no wonder that round furniture is making a comeback: this is an old connection in the history of decoration, and in fact they are things that marry very well. After all, the environment that resembles nature increases the feeling of well-being and comfort within the home itself. The walls in shades of orange, sand, green and cream (in addition to the wooden floor ) also contribute a lot to this feeling of well-being.
Reasons to incorporate round furniture into your home decor
In addition to bringing a sense of well-being, round and curved furniture gives a considerable softness to the environment, as they harmonize with any type of decor, and this is very good, especially for those whose decor is beyond the scope of curvilinear lines. and rounded. An environment with neutral colors, contrasting with traditional frames, for example, is softer and more cozy with rounded furniture.
The curved decoration items can also be the charm of the environments when they are the main decoration pieces – an organic mirror in the dining room draws the attention of the guests to the meals. In addition, this type of furniture is capable of renovating even environments that have had the same decoration for a long time or that will not undergo major changes. That is, if your idea is to completely change the appearance of a room without changing it so much, bet on a curved or rounded item!
Another important point is that curved furniture is great for those who live in apartments or even so-called studios, which are apartments between 20 m² and 40 m². The sense of continuity it brings increases the feeling of space in the place, and because they are round, they end up taking up less space than more traditional straight furniture – this goes for sofas and even tables, both center and dining. Round tables and sofas are even better suited for studios, as they take up less space and add even more charm to the environment. And, speaking of curved sofa, Pinterest Predicts 2022 stated that this is the piece of furniture that “has everything to be the ultimate decoration symbol in 2022”.

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