A room for the younger members of the family – How to decorate a teenage room

The furnishing of the young people’s room cannot be explained by finding a suitable style, to which we choose a few pieces of furniture and accessories that match the space, associating colors. For teenagers, their room is not the same as a bedroom used for sleeping, the room where they spend part of their days should know much more.

Their bedroom is also their study room, a secret room where they receive their friends, and last but not least, a place where they can retreat whenever they are tired of the world and the multitude of rules made by adults. A place where they can express their feelings without limits, where they can experience that imagination really has no limits, which makes it difficult to coordinate their preferences with the image of a room that fits well with the style of the rest of the house.

This is indeed a difficult but not impossible task. We have come up with some ideas that can help you – and your teenage daughter or son – design a room that is practical, comfortable and, of course, reflects the individual style of its occupant.

Suitable colors for a teen’s room
If your teen doesn’t have a favorite color, he’ll soon find one that he’s crazy about, and then he’ll want to see it everywhere, especially on the walls of his room. All of this will last until another change occurs in his taste, which directs his attention to another color. Perhaps it is not an exaggeration to say that it is impossible to keep up with the tastes of teenagers, so the best decision is to choose the timeless white for the wall color.

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A white wall supplemented with warm or even cold tones is equal to a clean canvas, which can be decorated with painted patterns, trendy stickers, mirrors or even paintings created by the artist. These can then be easily and quickly changed to suit the teen’s taste.

You can think not only about white painting, as white or 3D decorated wall coverings are also being made, with which you can smuggle a little extra warmth and originality into the room.

Possible alternatives to the white teenage room:
-Light gray walls
-Vanilla or beige walls
-A selected wall with an accent color (navy blue and other stronger shades that radiate joy and maturity, such as sapphire blue or jade green)
You can also add color to the floor with, for example, modern, geometric or abstract patterned carpets , but you can also place plain or patterned blinds and blinds on the windows.

You can also add color to the floor with, for example, modern, geometric or abstract patterned carpets , but you can also place plain or patterned blinds and blinds on the windows.

A tiny room
A bed, a desk, a chair, a seat, a wardrobe and a bookshelf – these are the typical pieces of furniture in a teenager’s room. But if you think about it, you may not need a large desk, especially if your child prefers to write his homework in bed.

Folding wall-mounted table

A wall-mounted, fold-up table that can be turned into a wall shelf when not in use promises to be a good alternative solution in smaller teenage rooms. In any case, wall shelves are essential accessories for teenage rooms. Where else would they keep the things that are important to them, small gifts, memorabilia, trophies and other awards (due to their great sports performance or achievements in debate club), dozens of action figures (if they are video game fans), jewelry, scented candles and so on? It is impossible to hide them deep in drawers where no one can see them!

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For understandable reasons, it is also important for young people to have enough free space, but we also have to create storage conditions for them. As they grow, they lose interest in some of their previously cherished treasures, but not enough to get rid of them, so they also need to be accessible.

Multifunctional furniture
Choose multifunctional furniture that does not take up much space: a bed with drawers, a bench with storage instead of a seat (or next to it, if there is enough space in the room for both seating options), a large wardrobe equipped with mirrors, on top of which you can also place storage boxes that match the design of the room.

The lighting system
If you don’t have enough space to keep too many decorative elements in the room, it’s good to know that an unusual lighting , such as a string of lights and a night lamp in green or pink, can also be an accent element in the decoration of the room.

Of course, these solutions can only be used as accessories for functional lights, such as floor lamps and LED table lamps with adjustable brightness and selectable colors according to the activity (cold light for studying, warm light for relaxation and conversations).

The furnishing of a teenager’s room forms a transition between the children’s room and the adult’s room, which is born as a result of new and newer, sometimes diametrically opposed, ideas and preferences. This should not discourage us, as furnishing a teenage girl’s or boy’s room, excluding the funny situations, can bring a lot of joy and laughter.

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Feel free to be inspired by the tips mentioned above, and keep the teen’s wishes in mind, so that the end result can be achieved, with which the whole family will be satisfied.

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