How to create a centerpiece for a dining table

The easiest way to update an old or uninteresting dining table is with a stunning centerpiece. Display a centerpiece daily or use it to create a party theme. Making a centerpiece is also a simple way to decorate for any holiday or special occasion. Use a favorite item, e.g. fresh flowers from the garden or a vintage tea set, as a central starting point. Use crafts, natural elements or home decor to complete the centerpiece.

•Choose a dining room table centerpiece theme to coordinate with the overall look of the room or a special occasion. Choose fall-inspired decor for a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Enhance a vintage-looking dining room with antique pieces.
Pick a container to place centerpiece items. Choose a wooden box for a rustic, fall-inspired centerpiece. Go with an antique cut-crystal vase or wine glass for a vintage look.

•Enhance container. Tie a piece of raffia bast or orange grosgrain ribbon on a wooden box and create a bow. Stick red berry sprays into the box openings. Wrap delicate satin or silk ribbon around wine glass bases.

•Fill container with decorative elements. Place hay and various yellow, orange and pumpkins in a wooden box. Enhance an elegant crystal vase with a selection of white flowers, calla lilies and roses. Fill vintage wine glasses with floats or glass beads.

•Surround centerpiece with coordinating decor pieces. Display pine cones around the fall-inspired centerpiece; spray-paint them gold first for a juxtaposition of rustic and elegant.Accent a crystal vase with silver votive holders filled with tall taper candles.Create a romantic look by sprinkling rose petals around candles or pearl-enhanced wine glasses.

How to decorate over a table side table
Side tables offer plenty of options when it comes to hosting a buffet or dinner party. However, when they are not being put to such uses, they can look sparse and out of place. One way to anchor a sideboard table in the overall dining room decor is to make it part of the wall decoration in the room. Integrate the layout of the wall above the side table to include the table when it is in use as well as when it is not.


•Measure the width of the side table and make a note of it on paper. Also measure the width of the table is against the wall. Measure from the table to the ceiling. These measurements let you know how much space you have to work with.

•Face shopping for decorations to go on and above the sideboard. For narrower rooms, consider using a framed mirror as a focal point above the side table. Reflecting the rest of the room in the mirror will make the room seem larger. Choose a mirror that is no larger than half the width of the table, otherwise the mirror will overpower the table itself. Rooms with more space can make use of mirrors too, but the illustration is another sustainable solution.

•Set up furniture on the table. By placing a large mirror or piece of art on the tabletop, you can get an idea of ​​how it will look when attached to the wall. This is also the time to keep smaller pieces around the main piece. Smaller pieces work well to flesh-out wall space around center pieces, especially for long side tables. Keep the page pieces close to the width dimension of the table. The table could end up looking like an afterthought and not part of the wall, construction otherwise.

Hang the mirror or artwork and any side pieces. Use proper wall anchors for heavy mirrors and wall art so they don’t come crashing down.

Tips & Warnings
Use hanging vases as some of the side pieces. That way it will look like you have flowers on the sideboard table while not taking up valuable space during a party.
Shopping doesn’t have to be expensive. Look in other rooms in your house for items that can be repurposed or used better over the side table.

How to Decorate seat table storage
Seat table storage comes in assorted bench styles to accommodate a variety of purposes, personal preferences and home decor. Storage benches for bedrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, patios and garden areas are made of wood, leather, metal, plastic or a combination of materials. Seat table storage can be freestanding and portable or built-in and stationary, such as a window seat. Decorative accessories Add color, function and comfort to a storage bench while complementing the decor.

Consider painting a built-in storage bench, such as a window seat, to give it a fresh, new look. White paint enhances a country or cottage interior as well as a black and white modern color palette. Neutral black, brown or beige paint complements traditional style. Bold, bright colors, lime green, purple passion or juicy orange, energize a window seat in a teenager’s room. Grinding the edges of a window seat by lightly rubbing it with sandpaper gives a weathered, rustic look found in Tuscan or cabin decor.

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Fabric Seat cushions add comfort, color and texture to storage benches with hard seats, such as wood or metal. Bespoke, removable seat cushions are tailored to fit built-in window seats, as well as free-standing benches. Choose textiles to complement your decor and accommodate your lifestyle. Microfiber fabric is durable and easy to clean, which makes them suitable for families with pets and children. Place a variety of throw pillows in assorted sizes, shapes, patterns and textures on top of your storage bench to create a comfortable, cozy space.

Adding decorative hardware to cabinets and drawers gives a designer-savvy flair to a storage bench. Knobs, pulls and handles can be easily replaced to reflect current home decor. Shiny metal knobs, handles and pulls are ideal for the modern, contemporary style. Ceramic or wood hardware reflects cottage and country decor. Hammered, wrought iron knobs and handles in black or polished bronze are suitable for rustic or cabin design.
Optional items
Large wicker baskets provide attractive storage for a bench with an open area underneath. Adding a divided partition to an open storage space keeps items neatly organized. Adding hooks above a storage bench in an Ammans is a practical place to hang jackets, sweaters, bags, purses and jackets. Place a coordinating scatter rug in front of a stooped bench to deposit wet shoes and boots. Install decorative beadboard on the wall behind a storage bench to give a country or cottage feel.

Decorate the social center of the home with a round dining table
The dining table as a social gathering point in the home is more important than ever. The rounds of this kind are perfect in the role.
The dining table. There are few things in the home that collect like it. Morning, noon and again in the evening. For food, homework, board games, anything. It is important to choose the right one. A good solution is the round dining table.

You have probably been to parties or larger parties where there were long tables and others where there were round tables. What was best? Most people find that the round table is more socially inclusive. The company is less fragmented, everyone is involved, and the conversation is not limited to the person next to you, but reaches all around.

The round dining table is a social gathering point, and we need one like that. We are separated on a daily basis by jobs, school and care services, and even when we come home, we are each in our own room – or with each of our screens in front of us. Today, the television, the sofa and the living room do not come together as they did in the past, so the dining table is becoming increasingly important.

A good example of this is the small ‘eat with a stranger’ events that are popping up around the country. Via Facebook groups or special apps for the purpose, you invite strangers to your home for a meal. It can be to get to know new people or simply to have someone to eat with. According to Berlingske , as many as 25 percent of Danes eat alone.

It is also popular in cultural life. Take a TV series like ‘Dinner at…’, which is currently in its eighth season on TV3 . Here, four well-known Danes are put together, and then during the TV week they have to impress each other with cooking skills, good hosting, entertainment and a well-laid table.

Historically, the dining table has also been a central element in the home. The Skagens Museum and Fuglsang Art Museum focused on this with a special exhibition last year. ‘At the table. People, food and nature morte’ was an exhibition of paintings from 1880 to 1940 with the dining table (and the life around it) as a motif. Museum visitors got an insight into Danish food culture through time, but the dining table art also told about identity, gender, community, family and education in history.
When investing in a round dining table, there are several things to consider. Should it be with one centered leg or multiple legs? How big should it be? What material? And where should it be? Let yourself be inspired.
The round dining table differs from the rectangular one in that it cannot stand along the wall. It needs to be placed out in the room, either in the center or at a chair’s distance from the wall.
It offers some advantages and some disadvantages in relation to the interior design.
The round dining table therefore takes up more space in a small room than the rectangular one, but in large rooms the table takes on an almost majestic expression, and it literally becomes a social focal point .

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But it can also be used in smaller rooms. The dining table, for example, works very well in the kitchen, as the kitchen is often an angular room. The organic shape of the dining table is a fine contrast to the squares of the kitchen elements.

The same applies if you have a bench in a corner of the kitchen. Here, the round shape of the dining table also offers an organic contrast to the otherwise angular environment.
Number of legs

Depending on the size of the dining table, you can choose your round dining table with different types and number of legs. Some have one centered leg, while others have three, four, or perhaps stand on a cube, a platform of some kind, or some other atypical “table leg.”

It matters quite a lot for the look which table legs you choose for the round dining table. The one-legged often has a futuristic look, while three or four legs make the table more classic.
But especially if you choose a round table that has the atypical table leg, it can have an almost artistic expression, where the table really becomes a statement in the interior.
What’s really around?

Round dining tables are most often completely circular, i.e. round like a circle. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a completely circular table, you get the maximum social experience because there is equal distance for everyone around the table. So it has its advantage. The problem is that if there are a lot of people sitting around your table – more than eight people – the distance between you and your guests suddenly becomes so great that the social aspect loses its breath. As the circumference of the table grows, so does the diameter. It is pure mathematics.

But then you can borrow from the circular shapes and buy an oval dining table. Or simply a dining table that has the shape of a super ellipse. You probably know the good old Piet Hein classic, but the table is worth mentioning again (and again) because it borrows the best from the circular dining table and from the rectangular dining table.

Decorations, trinkets and furnishings
The round dining table goes well with several of the Danish design classics to sit on. The fantastic chairs from the hand of Wegner, Jacobsen, Panton, Ditzel and all the other design masters often have a design that matches the organic design of the round table, and so they are small works of art in themselves – and that is an advantage. Because the round table requires a little extra from its chairs because it is so massive in itself.

The circular table has a center that is a perfect spot for decorations, vases and flower arrangements. But you can also challenge yourself by decorating outside the center if you, your family and your guests do not, for example, take up the entire area. It makes the table a slightly more decorative place, which gives it a less practical look. In a way, you trick the eye so that it looks as if the table is bigger than it is, now that there is also room for a decorative piece. It is an abundance of free space, and it ensures a more luxurious interior.

The possibilities are many. Instead of choosing a classic pendant above the dining table, you can also do as in the picture here and decorate with a curved floor lamp. It again works best if you don’t use the space all the way around the table and can give the table setting a more decorative look in the same way as with the asymmetrical table decoration.

The round, white table has become a classic. Many models are white from leg to top. But the round dining table does not have to be white. You can easily challenge it by choosing a dining table in a different material.

It could, for example, be a table in dark wood, laminate or a more timber-like type of wood that can give a more raw look. See also: The expert: How to arrange the optimal dining area

But if you are going for the magnificent, exclusive and luxurious look, the marble table is a good choice. The round marble table will impress any guest, decorate the home – and it is perfect every time you need to take a picture of your morning coffee, the weekend paper and the croissant for Instagram.

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The expert: How to arrange the optimal dining area
How high should the dining table be? And how far should it be from the kitchen table? Get the interior design consultant’s tips here.
The dining area is a very central place in the home, where we not only eat our meals, but also read the newspaper, help the children with their homework, check emails and enjoy ourselves with guests. Among other things, this places greater demands on the furniture in the dining area, which is why we have asked the experienced interior design consultant and author Jens Barslund from Barslund-Indret to tell you what you should pay particular attention to when decorating the home’s dining area.

1. Place your dining area carefully
There is no rule of thumb for where it is best to place your dining area in your home, as it is very different from home to home and family to family, what the area should optimally meet.
However, Jens Barslund believes that the most important thing is to make up with yourself what kind of environment you want to create at your dining area. “You have to think about where you have the space for it and what you like to watch. If you like to look outside, you can place the dining area along a window”. You can also choose to create a kitchen family room if it is important to be close to the kitchen.

2. Integrate the dining area in the kitchen
Many people today choose to combine the kitchen and dining area in one, as it is both practical, but also frees up some of the home’s other rooms for other uses. If you want to place your dining area in the kitchen, according to Jens Barslund, you must be aware that there must of course be plenty of space around the table, so that you don’t slouch and at the same time can easily get back and forth between the kitchen and the dining table. And in addition, there must be at least 120 cm between the dining table and the edge of the kitchen table, so that there is plenty of space to stand and cook in the kitchen.

3. Find the right dining table
It is important that the dining table and dining chairs are matched in height so that you sit optimally. According to Jens Barslund, a table should not be higher than 70 cm, as you can quickly feel like a small child sitting and unable to reach. In smaller homes, however, it can be a challenge to find space for a dining area. Here, Jens Barslund recommends that you use a round table instead of an oblong one, as it does not take up nearly as much space.

4. Prioritize seating comfort
It is absolutely essential to find good and comfortable chairs for your seating area. Jens Barslund’s best advice here is that you should always try out chairs in the store before you buy them. “Throw away your outerwear when you have to try dining table chairs, so you can feel how you will sit in them at home”.
You must also check that the chairs match the height of your dining table, so that you sit as ergonomically as possible. Jens Barslund further points out that it can be nice to find chairs that can be pushed under the dining table without bumping into the edge of the table, so that the dining area takes up as little space as possible when it is not in use. Depending on how many guests you want to have room for around the table, you can either choose chairs with or without armrests – or mix them.

5. Light up the table
Most people choose to have pendants hanging from the ceiling above the dining table. The most important tip here is to make sure there is plenty of light on the table. Jens Barslund points out that the light above a dining table should preferably be equipped with a dimmer, so that you can create different moods at the table, and it must not be too bright.
“The light must not dazzle you with a visible bulb, as it is enormously tiring for the eyes. You can ensure this by, among other things, using shielded lamps and by ensuring that there are approx. is 60 cm between the table top and the lower edge of the lamp. It provides a good spread of light, while at the same time you can see each other”.

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