Live in a house or apartment? Know the pros and cons

Live in a house or apartment? Know the pros and cons
Those who are planning to buy a property know that one of the first decisions will be between living in a house or an apartment. Each type of housing has its particularities that satisfy the needs of different profiles.
Therefore, we separate the pros and cons of living in a house or apartment to help you make the best choice.

live at home
Know the aspects to be considered when choosing to live in a house.
Advantages of living at home

1. More space to live in comfort
Usually, those who choose a house get more space, especially in the case of single-story or two-story houses, which have generous footage and spacious rooms.
The house is also an interesting option for those who like to receive visitors and get together on holidays and special dates, such as birthdays and Christmas.

2. No extra fees to pay
Ordinary houses, which are located outside condominiums, do not have to pay maintenance fees, which is why it is advantageous for saving one less bill at the end of the month. The mandatory payment is in the public taxes related to the property.
On the other hand, remember that the improvements you want to make will be at your own expense.

3. Greater freedom
Contrary to what happens in condominiums, residents of houses are free to establish their own rules of coexistence, without needing collective consensus or voting in assembly to make decisions. Consequently, it is possible to enjoy greater privacy since the resident chooses who can or cannot enter their home.

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4. More flexibility for renovations
Another advantage is having the autonomy to decide when to carry out renovations and repairs, without having to ask for permissions. Thus, the resident can plan better and fit the works into their budget.
With this in mind, it is possible to expand rooms, build rooms, implement leisure options for children, and many others.

5. Conditions for having pets
Although some apartments allow residents to have animals, it is usually simpler to raise animals in houses due to the greater space and freedom to play, causing less inconvenience to neighbors.

6. Noise and privacy
Those who live at home also have more flexibility in the times that they can make noise, since the constructions are independent. Of course, you have to have common sense and not go overboard with parties and loud music, otherwise you can disturb the peace of the neighborhood.

Disadvantages of living at home
1. Security
Unlike apartments and horizontal condominiums, houses usually do not have entrances and security, in addition to being located in less crowded areas. If the resident travels a lot or spends most of the day away from home, the residence may be vulnerable to break-ins and theft.
One way to reduce risks is to install security cameras, alarms and electric fences.

2. Extra expenses
Homeowners also need to be responsible for maintenance, which can lead to unexpected costs. Therefore, a financial reserve for such eventualities is important to be prepared to solve problems when they arise, instead of postponing repairs.

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live in apartment
Find out the positive and negative aspects involved in choosing who buys an apartment:
Advantages of living in an apartment
1. Greater security
Security is one of the biggest concerns of Brazilians, especially those who stay away from home for a long time or live alone. Having a monitored concierge and access control is an advantage for those who choose to live in apartments in gated communities.

2. Privileged location
With the growth of cities, the real estate sector has incorporated land located in attractive regions, such as close to centers or with great movement, in order to build modern condominiums and offer more housing.
For this reason, there is a wide range of apartment complexes surrounded by shops, services and public transport.

3. More leisure options
Residents looking for leisure and fun options may be more satisfied with apartments, as they usually have a pool, barbecue, playground and gourmet space to receive friends and celebrate. In addition, for those with children, it is a safer place that facilitates socialization with the other children in the kondominium.

4. Less maintenance worries
Another advantage of having an apartment is having less maintenance concerns. As there is a condominium fee, the resident knows that possible problems will be solved by the landlord, such as water supply, energy, painting, elevators and other equipment.

Disadvantages of living in an apartment
1. Living rules The condominium rules represent a two-way street: on the one hand, they guarantee the rights and duties of residents for a good coexistence; on the other hand, they may not suit the lifestyle of some. Reforms and works need approval and some changes may even be prohibited to residents. Therefore, those who buy an apartment need to be informed about what they can and cannot do to avoid becoming frustrated in these situations.
2. Less privacy and autonomy
As they are closer together, apartments are usually divided by thin walls, which reduce the privacy of residents and their conversations, fights and noise. In the case of windows and terraces facing each other, it may be interesting to install curtains and blinds.
3. Smaller space
In general, apartments tend to have more compact environments than those of a house, especially the service area, which can be a problem for washing and hanging clothes. Those who usually receive friends and family at home may also feel uncomfortable with the lack of space.
4. Possible restriction for pets
Those who already have pets need, before closing the deal, to know if the condominium accepts pets. In addition, it is good to consider the size of the animal to assess whether the space offers the necessary comfort for it to play without causing problems to the neighbors.
Some breeds of dogs and cats live well at home or in an apartment, and some new condominiums also have a pet place for their pets.
Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of living in a house or apartment, think about your lifestyle and expectations to make the best decision.
If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

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