Shelves and bookcases as room dividers

Have you heard about Open Concept? If there is a shared trend among all the citizens of the world, it is right now in the Open concept style or open or diaphanous spaces.

It is a decorative style that seeks to maximize the use of spaces, eliminating corridors or partitions and adding a room divider that does not take up useful meters of the home.

Housing distributions evolve day after day to the rhythm of people’s frenetic lifestyles. A rhythm that needs natural light, fresh air and saving.

You feel identified, don’t you? Then read on because we have the most up-to-date shelves and bookcases that will act as room dividers and guarantee you save on light, group rooms, expand spaces and make your day-to-day life easier.

In which areas to place a room divider in the home?

Thinking that separating environments is only for large spaces is a false cliché. The room divider is a very good choice in any small space, as you get a visually larger and more organized space.

Placing a room divider may seem like a simple visual separation, but it helps improve privacy, both visually and acoustically. This division will also bring extra functionality to the house.

Next, we will present 3 ideas where to place a room divider so that it is perfectly integrated into your home.

Room divider in the living room and dining room area

The culture of all Mediterranean countries shares a premise: Eating around a dining table. The connection we have between these two pleasures in life has meant that most homes have a dining area.

Although the dining room as such has been losing importance in today’s houses, thanks to a screen it can be achieved with elegance and contemporaneity separating the living room and the dining room. This fact will associate the living room as an area of ​​total relaxation, well-being and intimacy, while the dining room will be for enjoying meals with family and friends.

Room divider in the leisure and office area

Possibly, you are very aware of the invasion of telework in your home. Do you remember how you had to place small offices in rooms dedicated to rest or leisure activities?

Establishing a line between work and personal life is very important for our mental health. There is no longer an excuse for a lack of space because the open shelf to delimit areas is the perfect solution to use it as a room divider.

Since it is a shelf, it can be used as a bookcase, where you can store the necessary files or books.

Room divider as a hall

People who live with few square meters sharpen their ingenuity to make the most of the little space they have. In these cases, the rooms are very unified and the importance of spaces such as the hall is reduced.

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In this type of housing, the entrance door is generally located in one of the outbuildings of the house, living room or kitchen. Thus, the open shelf is the ideal choice as a room divider, as it will visually divide the rooms, achieving a little more privacy if someone enters or leaves through the front door.

Zig Zag style room divider

The Zig Zag style shelf is the ideal solution to divide environments and, at the same time, let the light through. This Klum model room divider in white and Mulk model in Canadian oak color consists of 5 floors and 6 spaces.

Another Zid Zag style room divider that presents a more personal touch is the Elfo model in 3 colors to choose from, Canadian Oak, Oxide and Cement. This decorative Zig Zag bookcase has 4 shelves divided by a vertical column that forms a total of 12 empty spaces in irregular positions.

These pieces of modern design and contemporary style allow you to have at hand the objects you use most often for your office or as a decorative room divider between the living room and dining room.

Cube-style room divider
The shelf model Mix n’Modul has 6 cubes made of melamine in white, anthracite, green-grey or with an industrial finish. The Mix n’Modul collection can be transformed into a bespoke room divider, as the shelf is perfectly stackable and customizable.

In open spaces such as lofts, this wooden room divider is an excellent solution to break with the uniformity of open spaces. One of the most interesting functions is to use the Mix n’ Model room divider as a pantry, separating the kitchen from the dining room.

The cube-style room divider is the ideal resource for keeping everything in view and organizing the space, forming combinations of textures, chromatic mosaics, etc. In addition, you can place wicker baskets and natural fibers to store all kinds of kitchen accessories or products and place them on the square shelves. This solution will bring a rustic and natural touch to your home.

Bookshelf-style wooden room divider
With the Loras tall shelf in Canadian oak and Artik white you can delimit spaces for resting in a functional and aesthetic way to rest in a functional and aesthetic way. This range of room dividers stands out for being a shelf that visually helps the transition of spaces, bringing the rest of the decoration into line.

This type of room divider takes care of the appearance of the room and invites you to place design pieces, flowers in special pots and your favorite books. It will find its place in small spaces separating, for example, the rest areas from the office thanks to its simple appearance that will bring calm and order.

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Closed environment separator
When we think of a closed shelf we imagine it leaning against the wall, but one of its functions that is increasingly popular is as a room divider. Unlike the previous options, this type of room divider will completely separate two areas. Likewise, it is ideal to place a divider for closed environments in larger spaces that have two completely opposite functions, such as the bed area and the reading or dressing area, places where natural light must be essential.

By having a closed room divider, accessories or books will be better protected from dust, in addition to gaining storage space. However, you will have to make sure that the room divider has a good finish on the back like the white Kube bookcase .

The room divider will allow you to relocate spaces, hide areas and maintain visual order in your home. it is a decorative and functional element that can be adapted to any style, design and shape.

Remember that this piece of furniture is the link between the rooms, so the room divider you choose must be fully integrated and offer visual continuity between the separate rooms.

Respect the spaces, include light and feel the comfort of your own home. These three aspects will be the key to meeting your needs and finding the perfect room divider.

Living room curtains


Is the type of living room curtain curtains according to the size of the living room, style, design, installation in the living room

Vertical blinds, vertical blinds, etc.

Common sense

The living room is to receive guests, family members gather crowded place, pay attention when choosing curtains and decorative at the same level should also be considered in coordination with the identity of the owner, decent, generous, bright and clean. It is best to choose a very simple type of use and installation, if you want to create a romantic atmosphere in the room, you can use a transparent or semi-transparent organ screens, let the beauty of the one that entered by the window, the shutter is very silky good choice, while a vertical curtain, hanging at the end of the mood is also a good choice. We can adapt.

The use of vertical blinds, relatively bright white sheets, hanging at the end of the whole simple master style, simple but noble and bold show of personality. The control methods are manual and electric, electric friend recommend to buy must choose a good quiet motor, this is more perfect.

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Curtains installed in the living room of the villa, you can use the vertical trigger, flat, it looks not only beautiful but also generous, sweeping effect bright and clean, simple, clean, self-evident master elegant style. And the outdoor landscape smoothly, close to nature, very harmonious, this style of living room curtains designed for high-end residential, villas and other places.

Patronal walls from ceiling to floor, the curtains in the overall design, you can go sit inside and look, collect all the green eyes outdoors, when the curtains were opened and bright beauty room, to the open air desert as if being in nature, is a residence main hall a good choice.

Depending on the purchase of the living room curtains decoration, select the appropriate curtain styles, colors and patterns. From the curtains in terms of color, dark curtains look dignified and generous, light-colored, light and strong fabrics of thin curtains, thus, able to create great visual effects simple and solemn, by Fang Mingliang. The best color is selected from the pattern of the living room sofa curtain thumb Often decorated with pink and green on a white background Italian sofas example pattern, the curtains may want to use pink or green fabric, I can repeat one to l other If the room in pastel tones, and in order to make more decorative effect curtain, in sharp contrast with the focus can be used, like a tapestry of yellow hen curtains blue purple; On the other hand, if the room has bright colors landscapes, or other striking colors decorations, furniture, etc., elegant curtains at the best point. Fitted with large glass viewing windows, matching roman blinds. Roman blinds have two advantages: first, by using less fabric, the second is when the curtain is closing laminated, rich in three dimensions, space saving. Roman blinds ways to use sewing, decorative effect is very good, with modern or continental decoration, very coordinated. the second is when the curtain is closing laminated, rich in three dimensions, space saving. Roman blinds ways to use sewing, decorative effect is very good, with modern or continental decoration, very coordinated. the second is when the curtain is closing laminated, rich in three dimensions, space saving. Roman blinds ways to use sewing, decorative effect is very good, with modern or continental decoration, very coordinated.

Curtain renderings Appreciation

According to the living room for the living room curtains, shades, the general style of living room and living room furniture to choose. Yi Suolai living room curtains renderings show a variety of styles of living room curtains how to mix, provide a reference for your home living room decoration.

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